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Blender World Building Course - Shaders

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Set of 24 shaders from the course "Our Worlds" from the most simple to some very advanced ones.

Here is a list:

  • a plastic shader
  • a clear metal shader
  • a rough metal shader
  • a simple wood shader
  • a chocolate shader
  • a gold shader
  • a wax shader
  • a glass shader
  • a cheese shader
  • a self-illuminated shader
  • a cloth shader
  • a car paint shader
  • a sand shader
  • an asphalt shader
  • a diamond shader
  • a ground dirt shader
  • a lava shader
  • a bubble shader
  • an ice and snow shader (make sure to turn on experimental feature set in render properties)
  • a NPR half-tone shader (only usable in eevee)
  • a fire and smoke shader
  • a complex wood shader
  • a detailed metal shader
  • a planet shader

Here is a link to the project's playlist for which it has been created:

All the content of this file is shared with a Creative Common CC0 Licence, no copyright, learn more here:

If you have any questions regarding the assets, feel free to contact us on this page:

Take care all :)

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You'll get a set of 24 shaders usable in Blender 3D.

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Blender World Building Course - Shaders

0 ratings
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